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Charity Puppers!



This is Roman. He was a rescue puppy from a mill that was shut down in New Mexico. He came to K9 at 12 weeks and he showed potential for psychiatric service work so we put him through his paces and is now an in home only service dog. Unfortunately he was attacked too many times by the regular public's untrained dogs and can no longer do public access so he works at home only. He is 3 years old and is a Belgian Malinois / Husky mix.



Meet Hudson. He's named after Bill Paxton's Character in Aliens because he was born on the day we lost Mr. Paxton. He came to K9 as a dog who had lived the first 2 years of his life in the backyard without much interaction with people. His owner decided he couldn't provide the life he deserves so he came to us. He's a Golden Retriever and is in training for Psychiatric Service Work. But he's also kind of dumb too. But we love him



This is Zani. She was rescued from Southern California where she was found having been stabbed multiple times as a small puppy. She came to K9 at 8 months old and is now the owners son's Autism Support Pibble (she's his ESA, which is not a service dog, but provides him with the support he needs when sensory overload hits and she helps him calm down and come back to reality). She is 6 years old and is an American Pitbull Terrier.



This is Cody. He is the bestest boy. He is a 9 year old Australian Shepherd / Border Collie / Labrador mix. He is also a retired service dog. His job now is to help integrate new dogs into the rescue pack, helps K9 catch frightened strays (by being super friendly with them, allowing them to get close) and is in training to become certified for therapy work.




Their newest addition (temporary), Fenris. He has a home waiting for the vet to clear him for further transport. He's a great dog with some anxiety issues is all.




This is Charlie. He's F.R.E.D.'s dad. He's also our president's dog. He's neurotic and old but has the energy of a 6 month old puppy




This is F.R.E.D. His name stands for F***ing Ridiculous Energetic Dog. He's not a rescue, he's part of a planned litter of Sheltie / Corgi mix. He's our VP's dog and is the clown of the pack. He gets away with a lot because he's pretty.



And finally Rico. He's K9s sanctuary/rehab dog. He has numerous bites on his record from his previous life as a street dog. He would have been put down had we not intervened. Theyve been working with him now for almost 2 years and has gone from very scared and fear based biting to being able to be in public (muzzle on for his safety) without lunging or charging anyone. He can even stand in line in Petsmart now and be a good boy. Once he accepts you as a good person though, he can't get close enough to you and will try to bury himself inside your lap. He's a lover and only knew that to survive he had to fight. We're showing him otherwise and he's come such a long way! They call him their sanctuary pup because they don't think he'll be able to be rehome even after they've finished his rehabilitation, and that's OK. They love him.

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