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Happy 4th of July Sale!

Hey all! 
Today only, Im having a sale on some of my discord classes and my digital classes. Please check out below

Sale ends at 11:59 pm cst

Classes all take place via discord. Please join below! 


Discord Classes!

Monster Voices

Monster Voices is a class covering just that, Monster voices! Rachael breaks down over

10 of the most popular Monster types used today in Videogames and anime!

Some of the voices covered:






-And More!

Class is 2 Hours Long with performances

Class Date: 7/28/24 11:00 am CST

Price: $55

Audio smaller.png

Since many of you were asking in the discord if I could cover some of the audio engineering information actors with home studios need to know, Ive made a quick 1 hour class that is just that! 

It will cover information such as editing for auditions, mixing samples, even to light production for projects!
Date: 8/11/24

11:00 am -12:30 pm cst

Creating Voice Acting Characters
Creating Characters post.png

This class covers how to really delve into a character. From learning how to interpret the character art and read the clues it gives you for a character, to using script analysis to understand a character better, and using speech psychology to help portray the character. 

This class is designed to help you understand the reasoning behind a characters artwork and the subtle clues the artist is trying to convey. By understanding these clues, it can help you with both on the spot auditions and auditions with little character background to help you with your audition. It can also give you clues about your characters emotional state, personality types, and how to base a voice off of those traits. Plus this can help you nail an audition by understanding the character better, especially in auditions where character description can be very lacking.

The class will then teach you how to break down text to better understand a character. How certain words and repetitive sounds can give the actor hints about how to play the situation, along with which words and phrases would be best to emphasize. Then, combined with the psychology of speech, you learn how to put all three together to create a well rounded character for both auditions and roles. It can help understand where your character is coming from, emotional state, and tactics, along with how best to express them

Self Directing

With more and more work being from home and "Record on your own",

it can be intimidating to know how to approach auditions and audition sides. 

Elevate your craft with the indispensable skill of self-directing, a focus of our upcoming class designed to revolutionize how you approach auditions and performances. Gain the confidence to analyze scripts, make informed character choices, and master your delivery, turning every audition into a potential booking. Avoid the common pitfalls of retakes and uncertainty, saving time and energy that can be better spent on perfecting your performances. Enroll now to transform your voice acting journey and become the director of your success.


Digital Download Classes!

Intro to Voice Acting
intro to voice.png
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Introduction To Voice Acting

Normal Price: $33

This is an Introductory level workshop and is highly suggested to be taken before any other workshops. 

These class are designed to help those interested in the art of voice acting. They tend to run an hour and a half long and will help teach the basics of creating voice acting characters for anime, cartoons, radio plays, video games and more. It will also help each student explore their range and learn techniques for creating new voices they can make (such as teaching girls how to do a boys voice, old age, higher pitched, ect ) and strengthen your voice while showing how to avoid vocal damage.

Its open to all levels of people so it will start with the basics like what is voice acting, the difference between voice acting and voice over, the types of work you can find, how to get started, audio recording techniques, getting better audio quality, microphone types and differences, how microphones work, a basic rundown of speech production, how speech is made, how to avoid and realize vocal damage, creating and changing different voice, voice placements, creating believable characters, acting, creating a demo reel, dos and donts, suggested layout for a demo reel, auditioning for professional studios, and then question and answer time.
It will also help everyone find out how to find auditions and create a demo reel. 

Getting to the Next Level of Voice Over

Normal Price: $55

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Next Level Poster.png

Maybe you are excited to start voice acting, but you're unsure where to begin? Where do you find auditions? How the heck do you create a home studio without breaking a budget? When you do, what do you do next to book professional work?

Maybe you're an actor who's been working in the field for a few year but no matter what you try, you CANT seem to CONNECT with the next level of studios? You're feeling locked in, like you can't progress any further no matter how hard you spin your voice acting wheel.

This class is designed for you!

To help you figure out in your career whats holding you back, what steps you need to take to progress. 

You dont know what you dont know, so how do you do what you dont know?

You learn! Find out now! 


Breaking Intro Video Games

Breaking into Video Games is a comprehensive, 2 hour class focus specifically on getting work in the video game industry!

It covers everything from;

-Studio set ups best for video game recordings

-Mic techniques

-Finding auditions

-Recording multiple roles

-Building up a video game client base

-Audition Techniques

-Different avenues to connect with game developers

And of course, acting for video games. This section includes things like the differences between different styles of acting for different projects and games, making believable effort, attacks, death, and charge ups sounds.


This is a lecture and QNA class. Please check Workshops or Lessons for working and gaining experience
Class is 2 Hours long

Class is Digital which means it can be downloaded at any time. 

Breaking Into Video Games.png

Normal Price: $45

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Booking Commercials 

Normal Price: $45

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Script Analysis

How this helps:This gives an actor tools to best interpret an auditions sides, scripts, and helps an actor be able to understand a character better from just the words on the page alone. In a time when a lot of recording is done by ourselves, this also helps us as actors be able to see where the script is going and how other actors may interpret the lines on our opposite. When you understand script analysis, you have the ability to see how a script will probably be delivered, whether the other actor is even aware of it or not.

Breaking down a script can be an intimidating thing. There are so many things to look for, interpret, and decipher! 

The script analysis class covers different ways to break down a script from both a performance stance and a writers stance.

Script analysis from a performance stance allows us as actors to change a script to better suit our performance. EX: Perhaps you are voicing a villain in disguise as a shopkeeper. You need to let the audience know you arent a good guy with lines like "Welcome to my shop!" or "How may I help you today?" 

Script analysis from a writing stand points helps tell an actor the hidden emotions in a script, the tactics, the characters goals, and psychology all hidden within the words on the page!

It Covers:

- Connecting with Clients

- Spotting and live in class practice of different script reading techniques

-Building your own brand and Client Base

-Self marketing

-Secret algorithms sites use for auditions

-In Class practice with different styles of commercial reads

-Explaining Commercial Voice over, styles, delivery, details about Pay to Play sites and whether you should use them

- Common mistakes people make with clients, how to avoid those mistakes, and more. By the end of the class, you will be able to walk away and start applying for jobs later that night.


Commercial Voice Over work is one of the highest paying fields in the voice over medium.
This class is open to all levels from beginner to advanced. 
This class will focus on everything needed to get started in Commercial Voice Over work!

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Normal Price: $80

Social Media Marketing for Voice Actors

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Normal Price: $40

social media longer.png
Villain Voices

Have you every been interested in learning the differences between villain voices?
Wanted to know the difference in types of villains?
All while getting one on one feedback for your performance and how you can improve your bookings? 
This is the class for you!

This class is one hour long and is designed the same as the Monster voices class! It will cover multiple villain types commonly used in Anime and Videogames currently! 

Normal Price: $40

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Acing Auditions

This course covers everything you need to know to get started creating characters! 
A three hour intensive course that includes:
- Interpreting character Artwork

-Psychology of speech placement (What does the sound of a characters voice mean and tell you)
- Psychology of speech

- Script analysis from a performance aspect

- Interpreting word choice and writing style

How this helps:
This gives an actor tools to best interpret an auditions, cold reading and creating character styles on the fly, bringing out more vibrant performances and well rounded characters. 

For auditions where you arent sure how to handle a character or what style of acting delivery to use.  Maybe you arent able to deceiver how a director wants a line read or what voice choice would be best for a character. Maybe you want to improve your cold reading ability and be able to see and read any character almost  immediately and perform those characters to the best of your ability, this class will cover techniques to achieve all these things. 

All about auditions.png
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Normal Price: $50

Comedy And Drama

Learn all about how to perform and amp up the comedy in your comedic characters, different styles of comedy, ways to work with the script to get more laughs from the audience.And learn how to convey the right emotion with your dramatic performances. From realistic crying, to the often forgot and underutilized styles of drama. All within 2 hours!

Comedy And Drama.png
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Normal Price: $25

Accents and Dialects!

A guide and class with tools and teaching methods to teach yourself any and all accents!This class all about learning how to do different accents and dialects correctly and respectfully. While certain accents and dialects will be analyzed in this class, the over all education will help you be able to research any accent/ dialect on your own, show you how to use substitutions, education about IPA, and the many vocal changes that go into each accent and dialect that often get missed. 

smaller accents and dialects.png
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Normal Price: $40

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