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Awards and Workshops

Private Master Class and Private Monologue Workshop- Olympia Dukakis


Best Ensemble Cast Winner- 2014- Jewel Box Theater Gem Awards

Best Supporting Voice Actress in an Animation Nominee - The Sonar Awards

Best Featured Actress Nominee- 2014- Jewel Box Theater Jem Awards

 Best Supporting Actress Nominee- 2013- Jewel Box Theater Jem Awards

 Best Supporting Actress Nominee -2012- Jewel Box Theater Jem Awards

 Voice Over Idol Competition- Semi-Finalist

 Broadway to Opera Workshop- Diana Morrow

Acting Reviews and News Articles

Black Comedy​

"As the action progresses, Brindsley Miller’s former girlfriend and true love, Clea, has the horrendous timing to show up right at the worst possible moment. The actress who portrays Clea must herself have wonderful timing to pull off the role and Rachael Messer certainly has that! Messer is another fine actress Oklahoma City audiences should watch for as she has a delightful presence and good chemistry with all of her fellow actors." -“Black Comedy” a Very Light-Hearted Farce from Jewel Box-  By -Elizabeth Hurd

Christmas Carol

"Rachael Messer is Belle as well as wife to the Scrooge nephew, Fred.  The characters are deliberately similar yet Messer separates them adroitly.  Her attitude is a lovely reflection of the period in body stance as well as characterization.." -“A Christmas Carol” at Jewel Box Theatre is a Winner!"-  By -Elizabeth Hurd

A Night of One Acts

"Messer, as several information operators, is delightful as she develops several humorous operator characters." - "An evening of one-acts on stage at the Jewel Box in Oklahoma City"- By  Elizabeth Hurd

Flaming Idiots

"Saddled with the part of impaired chef Bernadette, Rachel Messer embraces the limits of the role and throws herself into the physical comedy, pulling some great faces in response to the crazy events around her.On-fire farce" by Eric Webb - Oklahoma Gazette

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