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Creating Character Voices

This workshop is $30 (Expensive price jump but stick with me on this and I’ll explain why). This workshop has limited spots available. Right now, I have it set to 20 people MAX! This may change. What I will be doing with this workshop is renting out a professional recording studio. This is part of the reason for the price jump. The other reason? I want to make sure everyone who claims one of the 20 available slots will show up. I don’t want someone to say “I’ll be there!” Then come the day, they don’t show up, while another person who really wanted to be there missed out on a spot they could have had. So the price is part studio time, part I want committed people.


This workshop will teach


-Creating Characters for voice acting


-Some voice types taught will be Children (Both boy and girls-Girls will learn how to do boy voices), old age, cartoon, video game (Voices and reactions), Anime, ect..


-Changing your voice to create multiple characters


-Maintain vocal health and preventing any vocal damage (Your voice is your work, lose it and lose your job)


-The difference between character, anime, radio plays, and commercial voices and where they can be used


        I will be coaching one on one with each of you. One person will get their own time in the booth while I am in the editing bay coaching. While waiting, I will be showing the class tips on editing sound clips.

I will also be bringing in auditions for real upcoming projects! You can choose between

-2 Video Games

-2 Cartoons

-Or voice clips for your demo reel (Think of lines, voices, characters you would want in your demo reel. When you come in, we will record some of these)

I suggest the demo reel one because this is a great opportunity to get to use an amazing studio to record lines with great quality.


What you will need to bring:

-A water Bottle (This is HIGHLY suggested)

-A Usb (This is so we can record your voice at the studio and you can take the clips home with you)


-A positive attitude :


Email now to sign up! 

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